Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Legend

Finally found that someone translated at least a book of Mustafa mahmood the genious thinker :D :D 

here is a link for his book A Dialogue With My Atheist Friend , I haven't read it yet but checked the table of contents ,which had hot highlights. I went through few lines in the book, the english translation isn't that perfect and not that bad. 
 Mustafa mahmood (25 December 1921 – 31 October 2009)
An Egyption Scientist who left the 3 Dimensional world at the age of 88 leaving behind a legacy of nearly 80 books.His writings are worth having a look at , so deep, analytic and awakening. Connecting science and spirituality zooming out and in. 

   He was working in the field of medicine then stopped that job in order to be a phsyconaut in search for the truth , left religion and got hated by the majority, because he had the guts to say it loud with no fear. After a long journey of travelling and research he produced to the world rich materials and thoughts. Expressing it through his books and through his TV show (Science and Faith) discussing different scientific, philosophical concepts.
Challenged the conventional thinking, inspired lots of people.
Eventually he returned to Islam, after tasting the different ideologies and thoughts. 

Some of his Videos (english subtitles included)
  • Liquid crysta
  • Why there are different religions 
  • Magnetism and Electricity
  • People who hear without Ears
  • Kissing my husband hand
  • the unseen and the unknown
  • A research in Human Behavior
  • The Magic Mask
  • Sorcery and Medicine
  • The greatest Secret
  • Faiths in Japan
  • Origin of Life
  • Migrating Birds
  • The universe
  • Miracle called the Will
  • The wonders of Human Brain
  • Dragon legacy

  • Quotes : from the book  Islam, What is it ?

    "Even if your name is muhammed or Ali or Othoman its not enough to be a muslim". 

    "The faithful should invite people to faith and it doesn't hurt him to hear from anybody neither if the other person is a disbeliever, he can be faithful in any system and any environment." P5

    "Faith is a state of heart, religion is a feeling and not a phenomenon. And the awakened can see even if the surroundings are blinds". 

    "Prayer is a result of what is in the heart. It significance relays in its ability to purify the heart and bring up the motivation and focus the thought and emotions". P7

    "Your body is your horse. You ride it,control it, tame it and guide it to your purpose not the opposite of which it uses you for its own purpose and drive you to its lust". P16
    "You are human only when you resist what you love and endure what you hate" P17

    "Fasting is but an exercise for riding the horse, taming it, customizing it for enduring the hunger and discomfort, and it is a lesson for discipline, morality and obedience". 

    "Zakaat (Charity) it isn't a degradation for the poor, isn't handout for a begger. It is a right extracted from the money of the wealthy giving it to the needy in the society with dignity and without even asking. Similar to taxes taken by the law and spent by the law." P21

    "Zakaat from its name it can be understood that it purify the person. Purify oneself from stinginess and avarice and selfishness, therefore the most benefited person is the giver".

    "Some say : God helped me so i gave what i gave to satisfy him, others says : i worked hard, spent and gave from my effort. The 1st see nothing but God and the other see nothing but himselfك that is why the latter ends up with depression. That is zakaat it's the spirit o
    intment (مرهما) , balm (بلسما) , freshener, healer and a cleanser for ones heart".P25


    "Worship is a result of knowing"

    This is what i could extract for the moment , perhaps i'll add more for other time.


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