Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BroadBand , PassBand ,BandPass , BaseBand & BandSTOP!

Salam alaikom,

Currently going through my favourite subject which is Computer networks ( networking engineering or telematics), actually preparing for a retake which will be held on thursday as last exam for the year! actually the one befor the last. the last is digital signal processing which is a story for another day.
 so i wanted to pass to you 4 definitions of terms which always played tricks on me.

It is a telecommunication technique used to determine the capasity of data transmission. It allow multiple channels to be used within one bandwidth of a medium (i.e coaxial cable). The best example of broadband is the Tv cable. The cable is broadband. Why? because the bandwidth of the cable can view more then one channel. So when you  are changing MTV to Peace Tv actually you are changel frequency to frequency. This method Tv cable method is called Frequency-Division-Multiplexing. Because the bandwidth is divided (multiplexed) to differenct channels\frequencies.  This method deals with analog signals only.
   BroadBand can be seen as a multiple of basebands.

It is a telecommunication technique used to determine the capasity (bandwidth) of data transmission. Over one bandwidth of the medium One communication happens. One types of information. i.e Only one phone call.
In low pass filters. the term is also used to describe the frequencies from zero to the Cut-off frequency. ( the frequencies which are passed).
  Ethernet (802.3) uses baseband because it is simpler.

it is a filter which is a combination of low pass filter and high pass filter so it passes a bandwidth u set by setting the values of the components you use to make up the circuit . It can be constructed of LCR or RLC.


Is the frequency passed through a bandpass filter. also can be caalled as BandPass signal.

It is a filter which rejects a range of frequency and passes others. It is also called Notch filter. Notch filter is used to remove the 50Hz. 50Hz in many cases us noise( unwanted signal) which is generated from the outlets or power supply.
That is simply what it is. You can dive deeper in it. Consider the above as a starter. At the moment of writing this article i was concerned about knowing the difference between Broadband(modulation) and badeband transmission because it is related the the PHYSICAL LAYER in the OSI module. because the physical layer is more concerned with the capacity of transmitting. Which makes for instance a fiber optic different from coaxial cable. Both are same as medium in term of propagating information.



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