Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Inexplicable Univese Unsolved Mysteries

Tyson commenting on the question" Why adults need science books more then children?"

"Children were born inquisitors of their natural world. 
They turn over rocks, jump in puddles, They pour water down your back. They do things that you can look at it as reeking havic in the house. 

We can look at it as long series of science experiments. Some of them gone playfully wrong but nonetheless, explorations to the natural world. 
What happens is ..over time ..Adults gets it beaten out of them; because that is not a sign of obedience, That is a behavior of disarray. Plus, adults far out number children. So, I think the real problem in the world is Adults. Especially, since they control the world, not the kids."

No one wraps the Universe artistically as much as Astrophysicist Niel Degrasse Tyson. I hope you'll enjoy the video....
Happy Holidays

(Seems like the link is removed from youtube due to copy rights. If you are interested in the lucture, look up "The inexplicable universe unsolved mysteries or click here)