Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Inexplicable Univese Unsolved Mysteries

Tyson commenting on the question" Why adults need science books more then children?"

"Children were born inquisitors of their natural world. 
They turn over rocks, jump in puddles, They pour water down your back. They do things that you can look at it as reeking havic in the house. 

We can look at it as long series of science experiments. Some of them gone playfully wrong but nonetheless, explorations to the natural world. 
What happens is ..over time ..Adults gets it beaten out of them; because that is not a sign of obedience, That is a behavior of disarray. Plus, adults far out number children. So, I think the real problem in the world is Adults. Especially, since they control the world, not the kids."

No one wraps the Universe artistically as much as Astrophysicist Niel Degrasse Tyson. I hope you'll enjoy the video....
Happy Holidays

(Seems like the link is removed from youtube due to copy rights. If you are interested in the lucture, look up "The inexplicable universe unsolved mysteries or click here)

Friday, November 21, 2014

TI SensorTag Coordination

In this post, I'll be talking about the SensorTag CC2541 triaxial (3 axes) KXTI9 coordinates and

and how to convert from body frame coordinates to global frame coordinates or which is also called 

earth frame or reference frame. 

When you are starting with Sensortag Acceleromater for phone application developement or

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Procrastination antibiotics

Get over procrastination by doing a tiny simple simple basic things and start very easy, One day at a time. You'll be shocked with due time that you have developed a habit without even realizing that..

Here are some examples .. read them to get an overview and choose one.. but you should follow the last two techniques. Use a reminder for that, a piece of paper or a talking parrot .. You might miss a day, but you'll start again :

" Everything has its own place" ...
When you enter your room, by repeating this in your head you'll automatically hang your jacket, put your wallet and keys in its proper place. And in the morning first thing you'll do is prepare your bed sheet when

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meteor shower

Possible biggest meteor shower in the year. Trails of dust left behind a commet's passage in period 1809 till 1924 will reach our orbit and cause meteor shower.. It will be awesome to witness this. If predictions are right.

NL: Beste om te kijken is kwart voor drie in ochtend 24 mei.

Oman : best time t watch is ... من همه عشان تحصل خبر.
Sources :
Science today Android app

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

برمجة يبالها شوتة روبيرتو كارلوس
أمة مرددة او امة مفكرة ؟ تحفيظ وتلقين او تفكير وبحث؟
خالف.. ستعاقب وتعادى وتلعن وتموت رعب ..او خالف لتتعايش وناقش من لزمه الامر وعيش بطمأنينة وثقة..

هل كلنا بشر من آدم؟, ام نحن ألوان وقبائل وبلادين وجير اوتوماتيك ومذاهب وجير عادي واديان وموديل دجاج رجول

الطفل عالم .. فيزيائي وكيميائي وطيار وأحيائي من الطفولة ...ان اعطى المجال من اهله والمدرسة


اول خمس سنوات من حياة الطفل المجتمع يشجعه على المشي والتكلم ..وباقي عمره المجتمع يقولوا له اجلس واسكت