Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Robert Noyce

Robert Noyce 

12 December tot 3 juni 1990

co-founder of the two multibillion companies Intel and Fairchild Semiconductor 

Piloted his own jets and has 15 patents.

co-inventer of the Microchip, the heart of every modern computer, automobile, cellular telephone, advanced weapon, and video game.

what made him use his inner human potentials ? Perhaps the book may answer the question, I will get it soon.. once am done reading it i'll post my review on it , i couldn't find another book talking about his biography then the above.

I believe if he did it we engineers kan do it

Sunday, November 20, 2011


have been said that :


unless it causes death or terminal illness

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The universe in simple terms

A must know information if you are part of the universe ... enjoy ;)

Tyson is one of my inspiration who opened my mind to wonder about the universe more, his way of talking simplifying complicated matters and his sense of humor, opened up my curiousity about the universe and physics in general. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pessimists, Optimists and Leaders

HR pessimists complain about the wind

HR optimists expects it to change.

 HR leaders adjust the sails.

Allan Collins

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Incandescent Light Bulb

the lamp acts like a resistor. It gets fed by voltage and outputs current , it gets fed by voltage till it get so hot that it starts glowing. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello contenders

If everybody kan be a contender every body kan be a winner.... am not here to preach but i believe i gonna reach 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Howard Schultz 
chairman, president and chief executive officer of
Starbucks.  US$ 10.71 billion (FY 2010), 4,123,778,241.85 Omani rial, Revenue.

1 USD = 0.385040 OMR
1 OMR = 2.59713 USD

"Don't be threatened by people smarter than you. Compromise anything but your core values. Seek to renew yourself even when you are hitting home runs. And everything matters."

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World

1. Change
“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.”
2. Control.
“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”

3. Forgiveness

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
“An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

4. Action.

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.”

5. The present moment.

“I do not want to foresee the future. I am concerned with taking care of the present. God has given me no control over the moment following.”

6. Everyone is human.

“I claim to be a simple individual liable to err like any other fellow mortal. I own, however, that I have humility enough to confess my errors and to retrace my steps.”
“It is unwise to be too sure of one’s own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err.”

7. Persist.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

8. Goodness.

“I look only to the good qualities of men. Not being faultless myself, I won’t presume to probe into the faults of others.”
“I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.”
9. Truth
“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
“Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.”
10. Development.
“Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position.”
source: blog 

humble start

My dear remember your humble start ... Instead of looking down to people ;) Why not keep it humble ? 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Living in Enschede

If you are going to live in Enschede (also hangelo , maybe almelo) as a student (perhaps worker), in the following lines you will find tips and websites which can help you during your process in finding a room , apartment , house... or a shared room

ok so ...

Audentis  Direct contact . Living in Enschede or University of Twente Campus.


Student Union Kamersite UT campus , Enschede

Rooms or studios for rent. email : info@macandra.nl. Email daily till you get a reply that you are in the waiting list or go to the building in between 8:30 to 12 to meet the person in charge.
a Furnished Room is 230 euros with private toilet.  9 floor building, every floor has 20 rooms + 1 kitchen shared + door to the roof (maybe locked sometimes)+ shared living room. the 20 rooms i mentioned aren't all rooms , some are studios.. so the studios has has their own kitchen and living room. the cost of studios are different around ~320 euros.
Note : Every year , the rent rises by 5 euros
to wash clothes, it costs 3 euros per wash.

Domijn Housing agency. Studio, Apartment


Kamernet  Mostly rooms , apartments can be available sometimes. Registering Requires a fee.



Direct wonen.

Woonplaats you get flats here, keep on applying (process can tae 6 months but you get a clean unfurnished new flat can reach for 300 euro rent)

Marktplaats fill n enschede in  Plaats of postcode and choose in ''Wat zoekt u?' huizen te huur (house to rent) or kamer te huur (room to rent)

Usually you have to pay an amount (which you'll pick when you move out) as housing insurance to insure non damage. It may be the same amount as the rent or it may be less or more.

Some agencies require you to pay them (in the 1st month) when they find you a place to stay .

Some are furnished , some are not .. 
you can always buy second hand stuffs if you want (i.e Het goed, Kringloop), or go to Ikea or wherever else  yet if you don't have some1 to help you transport furniture then it might be costly to find someone to help you (at the store or independent contractor).. there are stuffs you can handle by your self taking a bus or even with a bicycle. So, I advice you to find a room which is furnished,,,then once u are acquainted with the system,,,,,go get a flat and furnish it,,, it'll be much cheaper or get a house with people you enjoy hanging out with

The rents can be inclusive or exclusive (electricity, gas, water) + internet. Houses here has annual payment for water filterations + garbage... you can set an appointment at Het Juridsch Loket for an advice .. advice about if you can skip paying these bills if you are a student (they give free advise, you can always go ask them for anything concerning living). I don't have much experience with bills because the places I lived in (so far) are inclusive. For internet you can check (for example) KPN for the prices ranges

Check if they have washing machine, fridge , microwave, oven and TV (whatever is important for you). Better if they do have washing machine and a fridge , unless you are renting your own new flat you should take care of buying everything buy yourself.

Fresh air
Its best if the flat or house has a living room, garden , balcony or one of them at least. There you can hang out when u are bored of your room and it helps socialize more with the people you live which is best for everyone in my opinion.

Tenant, Landlord
Read the contract well before u sign it; because its the only thing which will save your rights. and some contractors put rules which may not suit you, so better check carefully.

Best to live in a place which the land lord/tenant isn't living with you... because there are chances they get bossy.

Don't get trapped with signing a annual contract and such , the best which you pay monthly. because anytime you may change your mind and want to move out. Mostly you have to inform them before a month and also if they want you out for whatever reason they should tell you 3 months earlier .

Always keep the original contract with you and an online copy.

After signing your contract go directly to register in the city hall which is located behind the train station. Take you birth certificate , passport, visa.
Why? because. any1 who lives in Netherlands should have an address and be registered in his city hall, If you move to other city you just need to go to the city hall and give them your previous address and burger number (sufi number which will be given to you the 1st time you register)

Best rent ranges from 130 to 300... if you want to pay more its up to u but people can get a room of 20 square meters for 150 , others will rent it for 400 or 350.
You can find flats for 300 euros.
You can also be a tenant of a house and rent the other rooms for other people which will be so called sub-tenants. (i don't know about the $$)

You can always check the address on google and check the destination from city center (centrum) or from your university . If it exceeds 5km then it may be a bit tiring to take the path always but you'll get used to it anyways plus it is good sport. the best which suits me is 3km maximum, the lower the easier maybe lazier sometimes :P.

Email , Call or visit
so always better to clarify those above mentioned tips through a phone call or email , then set an appointment to check the place so u decide... if the person says decide now or you'll lose the room , never take it if u are not fully convinced with the room because it may have Alot of stuffs you will notice later which you don't like. Rooms for rent are plenty , i have funny stories in finding them , mostly was in the last minute.

If you speak dutch even a lil bit , mention it because it'll make it easier for you finding something because some locals would prefer a person who is willing to learn dutch and some does not accept you if you aren't dutch.

It will be more appropriate if you add your phone number in the end of the email.

If emailing does not help, find the agency address and go personally to them.

Please add your experiences and websites in the comments so we can benefit from one another

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Leo Buscaglia ليو بوسكاليا

Leo Buscaglia .. met this character coincidentally through youtube , called Dr.Love he hold the copy right of the word Love.He is an Italian author and motivational speaker. According to wikepidia he is also a professor in South California University  . He isn't in the 3 dimensional world anymore since 1998. 

   The most thing i admired in him is his sense of humor and when he finishes his talks he meets his audience and get busy hugging them ! . I am willing to read his books (Love) and (The art of being full human). here is some of his quotes i picked from his talk 

"Happiness isn't found, happiness is made and you are responsible to make it , and if you don't laugh at it you can't make it"
"الفرح لا يوجد بل يصنع وانت المسؤول عن صناعتها, واذا لم تضحك فلن تصنعها"

"Laughter is like changing a baby diaper , it doesn't solve anything ... but it sure improves the situation"
   الضحك هو مثل تغيير حفاضة الطفل, فهي لا تحل اي شي , ولكن بالطبع هي تحسن الوضع

"We don't stop laughing because we grow old , we grow old because we stop laughing"
نحن لا نتوقف عن الضحك بسبب الكبر في السن , نحن نكبر في السن عند التوقف عن الضحك

"We are the only living creatures , did you know this , who can laugh !  watch human behavior i swear i don't understand how other creatures can keep from laughing at us"
هل تعلم بأننا الخلق الوحيد الذي يقدر ان يضحك ! انظر لتصرفات البشر , أحلف بأنني لا افهم استمرار المخلوقات الاخرى على عدم الضحك علينا

"My mom used to say to us when we wine : for every moment u allow yourself to be sad , you miss 60 seconds of happiness so STOP IT (yells)!!!!"
امي كانت تقول لنا عندما نؤن وننوح : في كل لحظة تسمح لنفسك ان تكون حزينا, تفوت عليك 60 ثانية من الفرح فتصرخ قائلة كف عن ذلك!

"Everybody ones to prolong life but no one wants go get old ... Sorry!"

الكل يريد ان يعيش طويلا ولكن لا أحد يريد ان يهرم .. آسف!

Friday, August 5, 2011

البسمة رمسة واحلى من الربشة

رمضان مبارك عليك عزيزي ...اليوم ثالث يوم صيام لي بعد رجوعي من زيارة للنرويج والسويد...

 انا كنت في طريقي لكتابة سطر في الفيسبوك لكن شفت انه السطر ما انتهى فقررت اني اكتب كل الي في بالي في هذيك اللحظة ... اتمنا ان تكون المقالة مفيدة وواضحة ..
البسمة رمسة واحلى من الربشة

كن ساكنا في القلب والفكر , فلا تزلزلك الزلازل ولا تحركك الكوارث, ساكنا سكون البحر مهما كثر في هذا البحر الصراع والمراكب

 فالرازق الحكيم الخبير العليم الرحيم اكبر من كل فكرة وهم ,ارحم من والديك ومن اعز اصدقائك , فإن عاملك ربك بذنوبك لما هنأت في أي لحظة ابدا..... لكل شي يوجد له ألف تفسير.. ولكل مرض يوجد له اكثر من دواء ..ولكل مشكلة لها ألف حل ولكل حل لها اخت واخ وعم وجد والعائلة كبيرة تفوق العرب والغرب.

تمهل ..
فلا تتعجل يا صاحبي وتذكر طفولتك . فلم تلد راكضا , بل كنت عاجزا عن المشي ولكنك بدأت بالحبو ثم المشي بالاستناد على من ساعدك . شجعك الكل على المشي وهكذا الى ان قدرت ممارسة المشي ثم الركض ..

حتى في صعود الدرج لم تكن قادر على صعودها مثل ما تصعدها الآن من دون حتى النظر الى قدميك , بالامس كنت تركبها بيديك وركبتك ثم بدأت بالاستناد على طرف الجدار بصعوبة تخطوا الخطوة الأولى ثم تليها القدم الاخرى ....وبعد المحاولات الكثيرة قويت رجلك وتدرب عقلك وجسدك على موازنة القدم الواحدة..

فتمكنت ان تصعد الدرج بقدم والقدم الآخرى تسبق القدم الأولى بخطوة ...وبعدها حتى تمكنت من صعود الدرج من دون الاستناد على شيء ..وهكذا ...حتى تمنكت من صعود الدرج راكضا وقد تتخطى 3 خطوات بخطوة واحدة...

تشجيع ...
في تلك الاحيان شجعك  وساعدك الكل وتحمست وتمكنت من الصعود حتى ولو كان الناس غير متواجدين فقد دفعك الحماس الفطري في ان تذهب وتمارس المشي والصعود . فترى الاطفال في معظم وقتهم يركضون ويركضون بفرح وسعادة لا يهمهم احد .

هدية ..
نعم الله لا تحصى فقد اغناك عن تعب الهضم وتوصيل الطعام من الفم إلى البلعوم إلى المعدة إلى الاثنا عشر إلى الأمعاء الدقيقة وتوزيع الفيتامينات والألياف واالمراسلات بين الخلايا العصبية التي تترواح الى المليون مليون (تريليون) الى 100مليون مليون  (تقدير العلماء) والتحكم في جيوش كرات الدم البيضاء والحمراء ... الخ ..

يدك مصنع واصابعك هي مصنع وعضلات السواعد مصنع آخر .. فأنت مجموعة من المصانع لن يسهل علي حصرها في مقالة واحدة وحتى الى الان المتخصصون لم يتمكنوا من تكفيل الفهم الكامل لجسد الانسان ...

التي تتم فيها ألاف من المعادلات البيولوجية الكيميائية الفيزيائية .. من دون ان تدرك فأنت طبيب ومهندس كهرباء وميكانيكا واتصالات وكيمياء ومخترع...

انت فريد ومميز لك بصمة يد وشعر تختلف عن كل الناس.. عدد الخلايا في جسمك لا تساوي عدد الخلايا في اجسام الاخرين..لك اعضاء تشبه اعضاء الاخرين ولكنها ليست هي نفسها في القدرة على العمل...

يولد كل مولود بعدد من خلايا المخ محدودة غير قابلة للتجدد او التكاثر، و ما يموت من هذه الخلايا لا يستحدث.. و لكل واحد منا عدد من هذه الخلايا هي كل ثروته.. و كل واحد يوهب عددا من هذه الخلايا مختلفا عن الآخر... كل هذا متوفر بداخلك واكثر....

جسمك بنفسه مستشفى يشفي نفسه بنفسه  ....

كل هذا التعقيد انت في غنى عنها وربك تكفل فيها ... بمشاعر الشكر والامتنان والتفائل تشفيها وتصفيها من شوائب الفكر السالب للهمم والنشاط والحيوية المؤذية المهينة ..التي لا تعرف الا  جذب وتسهيل الزيادة من الألم..

نقد .. 
نعم قد تجد كثيرين ممن سينتقدوك ويحبطوك ولكن تذكر انت لست كالمستنقع الراكد ولكنك كالوادي المتحرك كالماء المتبخر النازل كالمطر الذي يبلل التربة يساعد بذور الاخرين على الانبات الاثمار النمو ... 

فما انت مقتنع فيه الآن قد يتغير في الساعات القادمة وكثير ممن هم ينتقدوك هم ضعفاء اصابهم عمى الألوان فرأوا الأبيض والأسود ورأوا الفضيلة رذيلة والذمة خيانة وكل ماهو غير المعتاد مخيف وكل ما لم يتمكنوا من فعله ظنوا انك غيرقادر على فعله ..

ظنوا انهم على علم بشخصيتكم ولكن هيهات هيهات فقد خدعوا بظنهم انهم عرفوا اسرار نفسياتهم وأهوائهم وعاداتهم ليعرفوك انت ..

ما ينتقدوك فيه ماهي الا ما ظنوا انه الافضل لهم ولك .. هذا نتاج تجاربهم ونفسياتهم ومعتقداتهم وما تعلموه من مدرستهم ومدرسة اساتذتهم ومدرست اصدقائهم ومدرسة حياة اهلهم ومدرسة التلفاز ومدرسة من عاشروهم  ...ليست بالضرورة ان تكون صائبة وصالحة لك ومناسبة لك..

خطيئة ...
اكبر خطيئة هي ان يقارن الشخص نفسه بشخص آخر او يقارن الشخص بشخص آخر... نحن نتساوى بأننا بشر نشرب وننام ونتنفس الاكسجين  نحب ونكره ونفرح ونحزن من ناحية المشاعر .. فقط هذا هو اما في القدرات والتجارب والظروف لا يتساوى اثنان
ابدا على مر التاريخ حتى في التركيب الجسماني !!

نصح ..
ان كان الناس قد نصحوك فأشكرهم وانظر في الأمر ...ان ناسبك فناسبك وان لم يناسبك ولم تفهمه قد تفهمه في وقت لاحق وقد لا يليق بك ابدا ... ولا احد يقدر ان يجبرك على التغير او اتباع طريقه .

هجوم  ..
وان كانوا هاجموك فسامحهم واشفق عليهم فهم لا يعلمون حتى ذرة مما انت مررت فيه او ما يجول في خاطرك لأن الذي يحبك سيحاول ان يفهمك ويحاول ان يعينك بطريقة مباشرة او غير مباشرة بأسلوب جميل راقي معين ومحترم ولطيف...مثل ما جاء في الانجيل "يا أبتاه اغفر لهم لأنهم لا يعلمون ماذا يفعلون" (لوك 23: 34) ....

وقول رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم بعد ايذاء اهل الطائف له وشتمه ورميه بالحجارة "اللهم اني اشكو اليك ضعف قوتي وقلة حيلتي ..وهواني عن الناس انت ارحم الراحمين ..ورب المستضعفين وانت ربي الى من تكلني ؟ ..الى قريب يتجهمني ام الى عدو

ملكته امري ..ان لم يكن بك علي غضب فلا ابالي ..غير ان عافيتك هي اوسع لي .. اعوذ بنور وجهك الذي اشرقت به الظلمات.. وصلح عليه امر الدنيا والاخره ..ان ينزل علي غضبك ..او يحل بي سخطك .. لك العتبى حتى ترضى ولا حول ولا قوة الا بك"....

لم يدعوا عليهم ولم يلعنهم ولم يكرههم بل قال اللهم اني اشكو اليك ضعف قوتي وقلة حيلتي..

شعور .. 
أنت مكينة قرارات ياعزيزي ..... فانت الوحيد الذي سيعيش حياتك والوحيد الذي سينام في قبرك.. كن بساما واجعل البسمة صلاتك لله بها تكون ممنون وشاكرا لله فعلا حقا... على عكس الذي يقول الحمدلله متكسرا وعبوسا.. هو كمثال الذي تعينه في شيء ويقول لك شكرا ولكن من دون نفس وبلا صدق مشاعر.....

كما ذكر الدكتور صلاح الراشد "اهتم بالدين ولا تنهم بالدين"1 وكما ذكر الدكتور مصطفى محمود "الإيمان حالة قلبية ، و الدين شعور و ليس مظاهرة ، و المبصر يستطيع أن يباشر الإبصار و لو كان كل الموجودين عميانا ، فالإبصار ملكة لا تتأثر بعمى الموجودين"2

تعلق ..
 ما قاله الكاتب العظيم مصطفى محمود "إذا جعلت من المال مصدر سعادتك فقد جعلتها في ما لا يدوم فالمال ينفد و بورصة الذهب و الدولار لا تثبت على حال ...

و إذا جعلت سعادتك في الجاه و السلطان .. فالسلطان كما علمنا التاريخ كالأسد أنت اليوم راكبه و غدا أنت مأكوله ...
 و إذا جعلت سعادتك في تصفيق الآخرين فالآخرين يغيرون آراءهم كل يوم ...

لقد وضعت كل رصيدك في بنك القلق و ألقيت بنفسك إلى عالم الوحشة و الغربة ، و أسلمت وجدانك ينهشه وحش الوقت ...
 و إذا جعلت سعادتك في حب امرأة .. فأين هي المرأة التي لم تتغير ؟ و أين هو القلب الذي لم يتقلب ؟" 3

سبحان من صور ..
اجمل واروع تدريب هو التدرب على ان لا يكون التعلق الا بالله فإن محبة الشيء لا تعني بالذات الشرك بالله ولكن العيش بتقدير وامتنان وشكر تجلي صفة وسمة من سمات الله في هذا الشيء ...الشكر الدائم وتقدير ابسط البسيط بمشاعر يوميا هو ما يبعد الشخص عن

الاضطراب الشديد ولوم الآخرين عند زوال ذلك الشيء ..  حيث ذكر د. مصطفى محمود في كتابه علم نفس قرآني جديد
 "ومن صفات هذا المؤمن العامل لوجه الله أنه ناهض بالهمة على الدوام لا يفتر و لا يكسل و لا يتواكل، بينما يفتر من يعمل للأجر و يفتر من يعمل للخوف...  ((يخدع الأول نفسه بالاستكفاء و يخدع الثاني نفسه بالتمني))...

 أما القاصد وجه ربه فإنه لا يفتر لأنه لم يربط جهاده بأجر و هو لا يكسل متواكلا على مغفرة لأنه لا يتحرك بالخوف من عقاب و إنما هو عبد محب متطوع، العمل عنده سعادة، لهذا لا تجده متبرما ولا متسخطا ...

و إنما هو دائما طلق الوجه مشرق البسمة متفائل حماد لربه في جميع الحالات لا يسب الدهر و لا ينسب لربه نقصا و لا قصورا". 

اسألك ربي يامصدر كل شيء
ان تجعلنا ممن يكون حضورهم مشرقا مفرحا ..
ممن يفعلون اكثر مما يقولون
ممن لا يحكمون على الامور بظواهرها
من المتأملين الشاكرين المحسنينن الذين اذا عملوا اتقنوا
من الذين قلوبهم صافية ساكنة عامرة بحبك وحب الخير
من الطموحين اليقظين المتوكلين
ممن يتفكرون ويتبعون الاحسن من القول
ممن يجددوا ويبنوا وينتفعوا وينفعوا

اسألك ربي تفتح علي وعلى غيري ابواب حكمتك لكي أوظف النعم التي لا حصرلها التي انعمتها علي بحكمة في سبيل كسب مرضاتك وجنتك ..

يارب ان كان احدا قد شتمني واغتابني وحصرني في رأي من موقف ومن ظاهرة أو من ردة فعل, اللهم اني قد غفرت فيارب استر عليه وارحمه واهده الى سلالم النجاح والسكينة والتواضع واجعله ممن يثرون الارض ولا يهدونها ..

اللهم آمين.

برنامج رسالة من الكون . د.صلاح الراشد
كتاب ماهو الاسلام؟ د.مصطفى محمود
3 مقال عالم الوحشة والغربة . د.مصطفى محمود 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

فن الاقناع

فن الاقناع مهارة وضرورة في الحوار والمناقشات وحتى خلال المحادثات بين الاصدقاء بإتقانها تتقن اسلوب الكلام والاخذ والعطاء   وتبعد عن العصبية وقول الالفاظ التي قد تجرح غيرك ولا تعينك في نقل فكرتك بالصورة الصحيحة الواضحة

كتاب فن الاقناع حصلت عليه من خلال 

Weekly Reading Session | شبابنا يقرأ

 في الفيس بوك من صفحة كتاب الاسبوع اعجبني التالي (اضغط على الصورة لرؤيتها بوضوح)

Rich dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

                       "who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past" Robert Kiyosaki

I came across this book which striked me after reading few pages of it, i still do not know who is robert kyosaki but hurd he is a very rich man. From what i understood he had two dads one with poor mentality and the other with rich mentality both were highly educated. here is some highlights of what i read :

one dad would say, "The love of money is the root of all evil." The other, "The lack of money is the root of all evil."

For example, one dad had a habit of saying, "I can't afford it." The other dad forbade those words to be used. He insisted I say, "How can I afford it?" One is a statement, and the other is a question. One lets you off the hook, and the other forces you to think

Proper physical exercise increases your chances for health, and proper mental exercise increases your chances for wealth

One dad thought that the rich should pay more in taxes to take care of those less fortunate. The other said, "Taxes punish those who produce and reward those who don't produce."

One dad recommended, "Study hard so you can find a good company to work for." The other recommended, "Study hard so you can find a good company to buy."

One dad said, "The reason I'm not rich is because I have you kids." The other said, "The reason I must be rich is because I have you kids."

One encouraged talking about money and business at the dinner ,table. The other forbade the subject of money to be discussed over a meal.

One said, "When it comes to money, play it safe, don't take risks." The other said, "Learn to manage risk."

One believed, "Our home is our largest investment and our greatest asset." The other believed, "My house is a liability, and if your house is your largest investment, you're in trouble."

Both dads paid their bills on time, yet one paid his bills first while the other paid his bills last.

One dad taught me how to write an impressive resume so I could find a good job. The other taught me how to write strong business and financial plans so I could create jobs.

one dad said "I will never be rich" other said "I'm a rich man, and rich people don't do this." Even when he was flat broke after a major financial setback, he continued to refer to himself as a rich man. He would cover himself by saying, "There is a difference between being poor and being broke. - Broke is temporary, and poor is eternal."

My poor dad would also say, "I'm not interested in money," or "Money doesn't matter." My rich dad always said, "Money is power."

One wanted me to study hard, earn a degree and get a good job to work for money. He wanted me to study to become a professional, an attorney or an accountant or to go to business school for my MBA. The other encouraged me to study to be rich, to understand how money works and to learn how to have it work for me. "I don't work for money!" were words he would repeat over and over, "Money works for me!"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1 Hour of Uggdal

After going with wonderful Mila to the supermarket and Meeting a dutch woman who left rotterdam to live in tysnes island which does not even have half of the facilities which rotterdam has. The thought of asking her why you are here slipped of my mind, though I made a comment of she being bored of rotterdam that is why she ended here, she said yes true i lived there for 35 years then traveled around the world with my bf then ended buying a house here on top of the mountain.
 I Took a little walk alone in the village of uggdal in tysnes island. Saw beside the road a house which water was passing beside it getting split between big rocks, reforming it self to reach the sea, set and closed my eyes listened to the water which sounded like a waterfall , amazingly breathed the fresh air felt the energy from the trees, water and rocks in full appreciation to the Lord, watching my thoughts carefully noticed how some stream of thoughts are full of gratitude and others are full of anxiety, Useless thoughts , such sessions bring awareness to my presence in full notice of Satan/the negative thoughts, thoughts which are planted by others, and thoughts which are a reflection of some past issues. After 30mins, maybe more or less i don't know because I didn't have a watch or a phone, I walked along the road on my left hand there were houses facing the sea which is surrounded by big green mountains. Houses which had bouts parked in front of it on the sea water. So lovely and amazing looking at how people are blessed with such nature. The road was gradually going upwards so i walked and set on a rock which was high enough to see the houses and the sea. Watched carefully how the wind touched the sea made it look like silky cloth moving with the wind. The sky drizzled for a moment. So you may imagine how the sea was so beautiful having those tiny rain drops touching its surface forming an elegant art of peace and love. as if there were fishes underneath the surface dancing and celebrating.  The place were i set and had moment with myself and the lord there was 2 houses there. The people who lives in that house hears the sound of the water 24hrs. I imagined my self at that moment having such house, why not i'll do sooner or later ;). On the other hand, i realized that i did a mistake which comes to not having sport clothes. My travelling to Norway was mostly to get into the nature and that obviously requires comfortable sportive clothes but hah i forgot , wanted to look good to my love so i forgot that part. Anyways that's a lesson to take care of in the Next trip.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trip to Norway

Each city u go to go better to the its tourist info.

Trains :
Railway europe
Norwagian Airline

Tysse Island
Floyan mountain
a walk then hike to Buer Glacier
Folgefonna National Park Centre (6ookm^2)
Norway Cliffs

Free things to do in oslo
Norwegian museum of science and technology

Buer glacier

Webs Airlines
sas (swedish airline)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Legend

Finally found that someone translated at least a book of Mustafa mahmood the genious thinker :D :D 

here is a link for his book A Dialogue With My Atheist Friend , I haven't read it yet but checked the table of contents ,which had hot highlights. I went through few lines in the book, the english translation isn't that perfect and not that bad. 
 Mustafa mahmood (25 December 1921 – 31 October 2009)
An Egyption Scientist who left the 3 Dimensional world at the age of 88 leaving behind a legacy of nearly 80 books.His writings are worth having a look at , so deep, analytic and awakening. Connecting science and spirituality zooming out and in. 

   He was working in the field of medicine then stopped that job in order to be a phsyconaut in search for the truth , left religion and got hated by the majority, because he had the guts to say it loud with no fear. After a long journey of travelling and research he produced to the world rich materials and thoughts. Expressing it through his books and through his TV show (Science and Faith) discussing different scientific, philosophical concepts.
Challenged the conventional thinking, inspired lots of people.
Eventually he returned to Islam, after tasting the different ideologies and thoughts. 

Some of his Videos (english subtitles included)
  • Liquid crysta
  • Why there are different religions 
  • Magnetism and Electricity
  • People who hear without Ears
  • Kissing my husband hand
  • the unseen and the unknown
  • A research in Human Behavior
  • The Magic Mask
  • Sorcery and Medicine
  • The greatest Secret
  • Faiths in Japan
  • Origin of Life
  • Migrating Birds
  • The universe
  • Miracle called the Will
  • The wonders of Human Brain
  • Dragon legacy

  • Quotes : from the book  Islam, What is it ?

    "Even if your name is muhammed or Ali or Othoman its not enough to be a muslim". 

    "The faithful should invite people to faith and it doesn't hurt him to hear from anybody neither if the other person is a disbeliever, he can be faithful in any system and any environment." P5

    "Faith is a state of heart, religion is a feeling and not a phenomenon. And the awakened can see even if the surroundings are blinds". 

    "Prayer is a result of what is in the heart. It significance relays in its ability to purify the heart and bring up the motivation and focus the thought and emotions". P7

    "Your body is your horse. You ride it,control it, tame it and guide it to your purpose not the opposite of which it uses you for its own purpose and drive you to its lust". P16
    "You are human only when you resist what you love and endure what you hate" P17

    "Fasting is but an exercise for riding the horse, taming it, customizing it for enduring the hunger and discomfort, and it is a lesson for discipline, morality and obedience". 

    "Zakaat (Charity) it isn't a degradation for the poor, isn't handout for a begger. It is a right extracted from the money of the wealthy giving it to the needy in the society with dignity and without even asking. Similar to taxes taken by the law and spent by the law." P21

    "Zakaat from its name it can be understood that it purify the person. Purify oneself from stinginess and avarice and selfishness, therefore the most benefited person is the giver".

    "Some say : God helped me so i gave what i gave to satisfy him, others says : i worked hard, spent and gave from my effort. The 1st see nothing but God and the other see nothing but himselfك that is why the latter ends up with depression. That is zakaat it's the spirit o
    intment (مرهما) , balm (بلسما) , freshener, healer and a cleanser for ones heart".P25


    "Worship is a result of knowing"

    This is what i could extract for the moment , perhaps i'll add more for other time.