Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1 Hour of Uggdal

After going with wonderful Mila to the supermarket and Meeting a dutch woman who left rotterdam to live in tysnes island which does not even have half of the facilities which rotterdam has. The thought of asking her why you are here slipped of my mind, though I made a comment of she being bored of rotterdam that is why she ended here, she said yes true i lived there for 35 years then traveled around the world with my bf then ended buying a house here on top of the mountain.
 I Took a little walk alone in the village of uggdal in tysnes island. Saw beside the road a house which water was passing beside it getting split between big rocks, reforming it self to reach the sea, set and closed my eyes listened to the water which sounded like a waterfall , amazingly breathed the fresh air felt the energy from the trees, water and rocks in full appreciation to the Lord, watching my thoughts carefully noticed how some stream of thoughts are full of gratitude and others are full of anxiety, Useless thoughts , such sessions bring awareness to my presence in full notice of Satan/the negative thoughts, thoughts which are planted by others, and thoughts which are a reflection of some past issues. After 30mins, maybe more or less i don't know because I didn't have a watch or a phone, I walked along the road on my left hand there were houses facing the sea which is surrounded by big green mountains. Houses which had bouts parked in front of it on the sea water. So lovely and amazing looking at how people are blessed with such nature. The road was gradually going upwards so i walked and set on a rock which was high enough to see the houses and the sea. Watched carefully how the wind touched the sea made it look like silky cloth moving with the wind. The sky drizzled for a moment. So you may imagine how the sea was so beautiful having those tiny rain drops touching its surface forming an elegant art of peace and love. as if there were fishes underneath the surface dancing and celebrating.  The place were i set and had moment with myself and the lord there was 2 houses there. The people who lives in that house hears the sound of the water 24hrs. I imagined my self at that moment having such house, why not i'll do sooner or later ;). On the other hand, i realized that i did a mistake which comes to not having sport clothes. My travelling to Norway was mostly to get into the nature and that obviously requires comfortable sportive clothes but hah i forgot , wanted to look good to my love so i forgot that part. Anyways that's a lesson to take care of in the Next trip.


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