Friday, October 9, 2015

Facebook and I

I meet a person in city, have a chat or sort... don't exchange numbs or few weeks or days, facebook pops up suggesting a friend to me ... guess who's the friend ? the one I met !
conspiracy theorists are correct, they are watching us, facebook is stalking me grin emoticon am gone, its over, run rrrruuunnn,,,,,hhheeellllppp meeee
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Thursday, October 8, 2015

شارع عام

انت جالس تسوق السيارة في الشارع العام... كل ما طافتك سيارة في الشارع ، حسيت بالغيرة.... كل ما كانت سيارة قدامك او بعيدة عنك وماقادر تطوفها... حسيت بالحسد..... هذي حياة الحاسد والذي يغار، مرتبك وماقادر يركز في مساره

ﻻ تتضايق وﻻ تتعب نفسك، مرات نحن في الامام ومرات نحن في الخلف، هذه هي  سنة الحياة ... فهي ليست بسباق الجري السريع ولكن هي مثل الماراثون ينجح فيها من له النفس الاطول والي ما ياكل نفسه بمشاعر الحسد والغيرة الدانية، ينجح فيها من يركز في مساره وليس مسار غيره.. 
ينجح فيها من  اختارمسار من اساسه

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

حمَّى التِرحال... شِعرٌ مِن دونِ قلم

الحيطانُ الأربَعَ ليسَت بِمَنزِلي بَلِ الارضُ هيَ

وﻻ ثِمََةُ قَبيلتًا تٌمَثّلُني أو عاداتٌ وتقاليد تقيّدني

الحدود هي حبرٌ على الوَرَقِ ووهمٌ في الاذهانِ

قل لي اي لغةٌ لَم تَتَغيّر؟ وأيَ لبسٍ لَم يفِلّ عَصرِهِ؟

فذاها كُلّ قَلبٍ مُتَقّلبُ وتلاها كُلّ مَوسمٍ متَغيرُ

ما وَرَثتَهُ لَم يَكُن لك أي خيارَ فيه
فلا تأتيني مُستَحقِرًا غَيرَك بِيه

تخلص من عقلك وكُن كالماءَ 

تأخُذَ شكل كُلَ كَأسٍ وقَنينَة

وتنسال بين الصخورِ أو تٌشَّكِلُها

ألهمتني ذاكرتي بقولِ حكيمٍ جَادَ بِنَا مِن جلِّ ألفِ عام:
إني رأيت وقوف الماء يفسده ,, إن ساح طاب وإن لم يجر لم يطب
والأسد لولا فراق الأرض ماافترست ,, والسهم لولا فراق القوس لم يصب
والشمس لو وقفت في الفلك دائمة ,, لملها الناس من عجم ومن عرب

هذا انا ابن وليدٌ الايوبي الجَادكَال
ليست صفاتي نقلُ الحديثَ وﻻ المفاخرةُ بِعَدَمِهِ
بل قلبي نَبَضَ.. فأردّتُ تَقسيمَ نَبضِهِ لَكُمُ

جيبو بوسة ﻻ

#طاح_بابه #يوميات_آل_كركم

KiVa Loans - Beyond charity

Internet (World Wide Web) has completed 25 years on Wednesday's 12th of March last year.... and its taking us furthermore to less and less capitalism (just for the lack of other word) with these platforms

Free video calls Skype, IMO ..etc Shop direct Etsy, Wanelo ..etc Travelling gratis Couchsurfing, Wrokaway, Bla Bla Car, Airbnb, Aiesec, HitchWiki ..etc Knowledge Democracy Coursera, Instructables, Github, Wix, ..etc

Crowd funding
Kickstarter, Gofundme, Patreon .. To another powerful crowdfunding platform called Kiva .. where you can (microfinance) invest or loan money to the less fortunate entrepreneurs around the world... as a minimum of 25 dollars .. the entrepreneur returns your money in installments,, then, you can fund another project or save the cash.. By the way, their personal stories/vids are shared so to connect with them on human level  

As wikipedia shows, Kiva is founded in October 2005... why haven't I heard about it at all ?! Did you? or Have you used it already? Don't forget to share with us your experience Further read : About Microfinancing

If you want info about Kiva scam prevention , click here

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Digital Ahmed Mohammed Clock

Builds a homemade digital clock at age of 14 out of enthusiasm to show his engineering teacher.... then, gets arrested aaand interrogated,,, as they freaked out and thought it's a bomb..
ok ,,,police can be dummies but what an engineering teacher to not know the difference ,,, probably Brown Ahmed Mohammed was already a paranoia induction tool or maybe am exaggerating :D

I believe being caught (out of ignorance or prejudice or just wrong time/place) is the best thing that happened to him. It will and has opened a lot of doors to him and hopefully to other makers..

He's invited to the white house.... he's transferring out of his current school (Irvin MacArthur).. Got invited to Megabot Inc. for in-depth engineering assistance ;)

Following vid shows his description about the incident after the arrest. Further, the next video is Megabots support to Ahmed.... great to see an initiative from such creative company

Ahmed speaks      
 MegaBots speaks

Steve Wozniak. Co-Founder of Apple and one of the biggest maker of this century

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Steve De Lucia , Paco Jobs

25th Feb
Steve Jobs, Birth 1955 
Paco de lucia, Depart 2014

If alive...Steve jobs turns to 60 years young today..  2 months and 3 days ago Paco de lucia turned 68 years.

Two figures who were born in the right time and right place... who expanded the game of tech and music through dedication, observation, commitment, persistence and teamwork.

Paco was surrounded by great guitarists/singers and born in a culture who breathed flamenco @@ Sabicas , Ramon Montoya, Cameron De La Isla, Nino Ricardo..etc. His dad was so poor to pay for his education. He left school by age of 11 and focused on guitar playing to support his family.

Steve hanged out with legend Wozniak...  lived his teen witnessing his country flying to the moon...lived the era of hippie America. He was surrounded by local companies called Intel, HP, IBM, NASA , Fairchild semiconductor and Texas Instruments.

In Apple he never wore shoes during business meetings. ...Some of who worked with Steve in Atari, said : Steve had an unpleasant odor...

Yup, I guess humans aren't perfect :D

Paco de lucia was a heavy smoker and hanged out with Camaron De La Isla who abused alcohol and drugs. I can't find funky negative aspects of Paco personality or hobby... he isn't born in a heavy media caliber country like America to have his life documented in details. But, it is guaranteed he would have some imperfections as lots of successful people had.

I recall people talking about them as Gods. A person who exaggerates a quality to the extent it sounds impossible, he or she won't try to attain any of it. After all, they are just humans

Paco and Jobs wouldn't have existed without the work of giants before them and around them. They wouldn't have became legends if they wanted to be someone else than themselves. They didn't stop in when they heard "No" ... They didn't stop when they weren't acknowledged.. ...They didn't stop when they had no investors ... They didn't stop when they had weak revenues.. They didn't stop when their work didn't meet peoples tastes.

Paco de lucia "light and shade" documentary

Steve Jobs Interview


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