Saturday, June 20, 2015

Interface Pic16f690 with LCD (Soon)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Steve De Lucia , Paco Jobs

25th Feb
Steve Jobs, Birth 1955 
Paco de lucia, Depart 2014

If alive...Steve jobs turns to 60 years young today..  2 months and 3 days ago Paco de lucia turned 68 years.

Two figures who were born in the right time and right place... who expanded the game of tech and music through dedication, observation, commitment, persistence and teamwork.

Paco was surrounded by great guitarists/singers and born in a culture who breathed flamenco @@ Sabicas , Ramon Montoya, Cameron De La Isla, Nino Ricardo..etc. His dad was so poor to pay for his education. He left school by age of 11 and focused on guitar playing to support his family.

Steve hanged out with legend Wozniak...  lived his teen witnessing his country flying to the moon...lived the era of hippie America. He was surrounded by local companies called Intel, HP, IBM, NASA , Fairchild semiconductor and Texas Instruments.

In Apple he never wore shoes during business meetings. ...Some of who worked with Steve in Atari, said : Steve had an unpleasant odor...

Yup, I guess humans aren't perfect :D

Paco de lucia was a heavy smoker and hanged out with Camaron De La Isla who abused alcohol and drugs. I can't find funky negative aspects of Paco personality or hobby... he isn't born in a heavy media caliber country like America to have his life documented in details. But, it is guaranteed he would have some imperfections as lots of successful people had.

I recall people talking about them as Gods. A person who exaggerates a quality to the extent it sounds impossible, he or she won't try to attain any of it. After all, they are just humans

Paco and Jobs wouldn't have existed without the work of giants before them and around them. They wouldn't have became legends if they wanted to be someone else than themselves. They didn't stop in when they heard "No" ... They didn't stop when they weren't acknowledged.. ...They didn't stop when they had no investors in them... They didn't stop when they had weak revenues.. They didn't stop when their work didn't meet peoples tastes.

Paco de lucia "light and shade" documentary

Steve Jobs Interview

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Galileo Galilei

Happy birthday Galileo (1564-1642). The man who lit a notable candle in dark Europe which was ruled by religious extremists, who took the bible texts "literally" with no depth. (As evident ,nowadays, in many Islamic societies...affecting journalism, no freedom of belief, spread of pseudoscience/superstitions, no value for research...etc)

He got persecuted (interrogations / banned from teaching / controlled his research / threats / and finally a life prison) for his support of Copernicus heliocentrism (Sun is the center and earth revolves around it). And, his announcement of Sun spots .. proving that heavenly bodies were not perfect as believed.

He heard of the first invention of spyglass by a Dutch spectacles maker, Hans Leppershey. It inspired him to build a more powerful telescope and to be the first to observe the sky through it. 
Experimented and explored concepts of acceleration & velocity. Which Newton built upon to lead to Newton's First law of motion

Proved the Moon doesn't have a flat surface. But mountains and craters

Authored ~11 books/publications

Discovered Jupiter's largest 4 Moons..they are named Galileo Satellites in his honor (Jupiter has 67 known moons!). Pisa not just about the Pisa tower. Its the birthplace of Galileo Galilei. Father of modern science. #you_dig?

In De Basilica di Santa Croce, Florence. In front of me is Galileo Tomb (monument was made by Giovanni Battista Foggini), and behind me is Michelangelo's Tomb.

Above the sarcophagus is a statue of Galileo holding a telescope. Muses are on either side, with a Latin inscription below. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Are kids luckier ?

Wow ! Kids have animations made specifically to attract them into coding and formulating electronic projects. Raspberry Pi is fricking cool , Here is the video

(Some browsers doesn't display the video attached. You can just click here or type in "Raspberry Pi Lets get physical") 

First you get to learn how to use a Linux based operating system that might inspire you to build an operating system by yourslef or with friends... kick Windows out of the way..or at least, you'll know  there are other existing operating systems than Windows and MAC. And, that Android mobile operating system is based on Linux kernel.
Raspberry Pi includes tons of programs that can get kids into coding with an easy start up. And, it is as cheap as 25$

I became completly aware that coding is a science and a profession when I was 19 years young. The only thing I encountered earlier was editing my posts in forums using HTML (no it wasnt html!). And, maximally, at age of 13 years young, was Web design via the obsolete Microsoft FrontPage (discontinued since 2003). Of which I failed to encourage my self out of procrastination to work with it.

Although, I owned consoles varying from Family game, Sega , GameBoy, Playstation 1 and 2 .. I played Atari for a while too.. I never had it in my consciousness that actual game geeks as I was, are the ones who designed the concole's electronic circuit, and designed these games. They worked concepts with teams, sketched, developed stories, marketed and became millionaires out of it. I never imagined it is possible or it exists, till I found out that some colleges gives bachelor in gaming. And, there are artisits who sketch merely for gaming. But the first turning point for me, was when I met a gentleman who played SuperMario, then he tried to code a game due to overwhelming inspiration he got of that game. And he was just 9 years old in 1990!

Family Game 

I ended up reducing gaming at early age to be a (good) person, (good) student (This idea is what society sold me). And later on, In particular, I guess I completely stopped gaming just so to be the cool boy and not be laughed at and categorized as the gamer nerd who is all the time at home gaming! or maybe it was because of puberty (exploring new things; since I couldn't see the depth behind gaming).. or neither. @@


I happened to use Google search engine when I was 18 years young. After slight  use of yahoo and more onto searching magazines for new trends websites..
It all came late, its not that I have seen PC late :D.. But wait a minute.... Actually it is Late.. Why?.. I recently worked with a gentleman who has been programming since 1970 (speaking of punched cards!!, slide-rule calculators and Apolo 11)... Yes!!, people used to program back then and earlier, ..Otherwise how has projects been carried to space? right? ( In 1970 ...Bill gates was about 15 years young, Steve Jobs was 16, Richard Feynman was  62 and Steve Wozniak was 20 years young)
On a side note to my Omani fellows who might be feeling down already. As so you already know, year 1970 was the start of Omani renaissance era which we are witnessing its progress to this day. If it came later probably we wouldn't be reading/writing these paragraphs at the moment and all our concern will be on how to stop our hunger, diseases and wars :D

 Punched cards

I owned a computer for the first time at age of 9 years old in 1998... Thanks to my Dad's vision who got me a Win 95 / Pentium ||| PC and enrolled me to a typing and internet summer courses. ..... At the time, there was no Youtube to visualize my science classes or see history movies (I loved history). There was no Youtube to visualize the three Laws of Motion by Isaac Newton or get accessibility to dozens of cool videos that makes math fun. I didn't have Cosmos by Dr. Niel Degrasse Tyson which summarizes modern science in the coolest visual and animated way possible. I was merely busy learning how to type, use Microsoft Word ...and when I was done.. I thought I am a computer guru. haha :D my my my !!

People tend to limit life by saying, If you are good in math .. you can be an engineer. Watch the animation I posted, That is engineering.  It is fun ,.. being a child ,.. being curious ,..being mischievous..Despite your age and your math proficiency

I highly recommend you to get the collection of Cosmos and get a Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Get it for yourself or gift it to a kid. A number of them might ,as well, might end up inventing a revolutionary product .. or tweak their connection with the universe...or might not :D

To clarify , kids are who ever is below 88 :D

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Inexplicable Univese Unsolved Mysteries

Tyson commenting on the question" Why adults need science books more then children?"

"Children were born inquisitors of their natural world. 
They turn over rocks, jump in puddles, They pour water down your back. They do things that you can look at it as reeking havic in the house. 

We can look at it as long series of science experiments. Some of them gone playfully wrong but nonetheless, explorations to the natural world. 
What happens is ..over time ..Adults gets it beaten out of them; because that is not a sign of obedience, That is a behavior of disarray. Plus, adults far out number children. So, I think the real problem in the world is Adults. Especially, since they control the world, not the kids."

No one wraps the Universe artistically as much as Astrophysicist Niel Degrasse Tyson. I hope you'll enjoy the video....
Happy Holidays

(Seems like the link is removed from youtube due to copy rights. If you are interested in the lucture, look up "The inexplicable universe unsolved mysteries or click here)

Friday, November 21, 2014

TI SensorTag Coordination

In this post, I'll be talking about the SensorTag CC2541 triaxial (3 axes) KXTI9 coordinates and

and how to convert from body frame coordinates to global frame coordinates or which is also called 

earth frame or reference frame. 

When you are starting with Sensortag Acceleromater for phone application developement or
for developing a specific product or to feed your curiousity, You have to do the following
1. Scan through the SensorTag user guide (buhh!)
2. SensorTag Accelerometer GaTT commands or also can be found here and don't use
Gatt commands that are given here  (they are totally wrong ..It got me through hell to recognize 

that....I will get into the details later).

3. look into KXTI9 datasheet 

I'll get into the Gatt commands later on. At the moment coordination is on demand.

Yes, so, well... Lets strip the Tag down

On the left is Sensor tag without casing and ofcourse on the right is with casing @@

Looking closer

KXTI9  chip as given in the datasheet ( and as how it looks in reality :D)

Look at pin 1 (the dot), for reference

And closer 
KXTI9  Coordinates as shown in data sheet. Z+ is pointing towards you 

Now, based on the first photo I posted, This is how the coordinates are (Z+ is pointing at you)

Mounting your SensorTag

I prefer testing the acceleration data when SensorTag is mounted in the following position 

Because the acceleration data will be closer to 0 , if not 0......Except the Z axes will be giving  1g as an output because it is aligned with the global frame.

Why X axis and Y axis ..Closer to 0

As you can see from the casing of Sensortag, it is not sharply straight , it has a slope on it (to contain the coin battery). Therefore, I prefer the position on the left, where the circuit within is more aligned with the table. Yet, I have to admit, I did some tests on other SensorTags, and some gave different values then 0 . So, it might not apply for all SensorTags. I guess the reason is the chip's manufacturing process error or how it is glued on the circuit causing misalignement with the global frame.

Global frame : Also called Earth frame or Inertial frame or reference frame. It has the following coordinate (0,0,1) where 1 is the gravity (9.8 m/s/s). It is also a high assumption in most cases; because it isn't exactly 1 all around the globe; as Earth has a Spheroid shape
(it is almost a sphere, but not quite).

Accelerometer KXTI9 outputs acceleration of the body frame plus global frame in digital hexadecimal format.

Body frame : It is the cooordinate I discuses earlier, coordinate of the chip on the circuit. 

This step is necessary if you want to obtain a clean Accelerometer data without the gravity component. So, you have to align it well with the global frame and get 0 output at the X, Y axes and 1 in the Z axes. If it isn't aligned , the 1g will cross on the X and Y axes and will interfere with their readings.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Procrastination antibiotics

Get over procrastination by doing a tiny simple simple basic things and start very easy, One day at a time. You'll be shocked with due time that you have developed a habit without even realizing that..

Here are some examples .. read them to get an overview and choose one.. but you should follow the last two techniques. Use a reminder for that, a piece of paper or a talking parrot .. You might miss a day, but you'll start again :

" Everything has its own place" ...
When you enter your room, by repeating this in your head you'll automatically hang your jacket, put your wallet and keys in its proper place. And in the morning first thing you'll do is prepare your bed sheet when you wake up.

"Just walk"
Take a walk around the block. Or just go jogging for 10 mins, one lap in the park. Or just go to gym , train one muscle ?.

Look into coming concerts or your new coming movie, or seminar, or festival or searching for a course to put you in depth in your field or something else and new....Note the date in your calender...Thus, If you have something to look upto in the future, you'll be more existed thinking about it and working towards it. Better then having a vague dull look into the future.

Hang out with a person who does stuff, who is active and got a routine. Eliminate vampires from your life. You'll be inspired to do things.

"Washing dishes, cleaning your room ? brushing your teeth at night?"
Tell your self, ahh it just takes 2 mins. Put your music on... before its done, you'll be done with your thing. Probably time will pass and you wont recognize you had finished the album because you got caught in the momentum.

Small steps again such as: No drinking liquids while eating food .. Restaurants or fast food ? once a week or a month. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Every meal must have green. Skimmed products.
Most important first step is to throw away your scale, mirrors and tight clothes. Accept your self and enjoy it... with this you can move on and follow the small steps above. you'll be surprised in the long run.

"Congratulate and not criticize"
With these simple things you have done today, reward your self by feeling happy with this extra step you took today. Building a house takes a concrete at a time, and you have put the first concrete.

"Write doing the good things you did today before sleep"
This will help you condition your self to love your self, see the good you do. With this technique you'll end up accelerating in your habits and seeing the good in other people. Because you'll end up loving your self instead of criticizing your self all the time which will help you also love others. You can only give what you have.

William Shed recited to me once :

 "As I sail through change...
My resolve remains the same..
what I chose are manic moments..
Because ships are safe in the harbour..
But that is not what ships are made for..
The mind could strech much further..
But it seems that is not what our minds are trained for"

I replied him :
owww haeeeeelll naaaaww gimmie a cuppa coffee lemme catch d magic moments!

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