Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Inexplicable Univese Unsolved Mysteries

Tyson commenting on the question" Why adults need science books more then children?"

"Children were born inquisitors of their natural world. 
They turn over rocks, jump in puddles, They pour water down your back. They do things that you can look at it as reeking havic in the house. 

We can look at it as long series of science experiments. Some of them gone playfully wrong but nonetheless, explorations to the natural world. 
What happens is ..over time ..Adults gets it beaten out of them; because that is not a sign of obedience, That is a behavior of disarray. Plus, adults far out number children. So, I think the real problem in the world is Adults. Especially, since they control the world, not the kids."

No one wraps the Universe artistically as much as Astrophysicist Niel Degrasse Tyson. I hope you'll enjoy the video....
Happy Holidays

Friday, November 21, 2014

TI SensorTag Coordination

In this post, I'll be talking about the SensorTag CC2541 triaxial (3 axes) KXTI9 coordinates and

and how to convert from body frame coordinates to global frame coordinates or which is also called 

earth frame or reference frame. 

When you are starting with Sensortag Acceleromater for phone application developement or
for developing a specific product or to feed your curiousity, You have to do the following
1. Scan through the SensorTag user guide (buhh!)
2. SensorTag Accelerometer GaTT commands or also can be found here and don't use
Gatt commands that are given here  (they are totally wrong ..It got me through hell to recognize 

that....I will get into the details later).

3. look into KXTI9 datasheet 

I'll get into the Gatt commands later on. At the moment coordination is on demand.

Yes, so, well... Lets strip the Tag down

On the left is Sensor tag without casing and ofcourse on the right is with casing @@

Looking closer

KXTI9  chip as given in the datasheet ( and as how it looks in reality :D)

Look at pin 1 (the dot), for reference

And closer 
KXTI9  Coordinates as shown in data sheet. Z+ is pointing towards you 

Now, based on the first photo I posted, This is how the coordinates are (Z+ is pointing at you)

Mounting your SensorTag

I prefer testing the acceleration data when SensorTag is mounted in the following position 

Because the acceleration data will be closer to 0 , if not 0......Except the Z axes will be giving  1g as an output because it is aligned with the global frame.

Why X axis and Y axis ..Closer to 0

As you can see from the casing of Sensortag, it is not sharply straight , it has a slope on it (to contain the coin battery). Therefore, I prefer the position on the left, where the circuit within is more aligned with the table. Yet, I have to admit, I did some tests on other SensorTags, and some gave different values then 0 . So, it might not apply for all SensorTags. I guess the reason is the chip's manufacturing process error or how it is glued on the circuit causing misalignement with the global frame.

Global frame : Also called Earth frame or Inertial frame or reference frame. It has the following coordinate (0,0,1) where 1 is the gravity (9.8 m/s/s). It is also a high assumption in most cases; because it isn't exactly 1 all around the globe; as Earth has a Spheroid shape
(it is almost a sphere, but not quite).

Accelerometer KXTI9 outputs acceleration of the body frame plus global frame in digital hexadecimal format.

Body frame : It is the cooordinate I discuses earlier, coordinate of the chip on the circuit. 

This step is necessary if you want to obtain a clean Accelerometer data without the gravity component. So, you have to align it well with the global frame and get 0 output at the X, Y axes and 1 in the Z axes. If it isn't aligned , the 1g will cross on the X and Y axes and will interfere with their readings.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Procrastination antibiotics

Get over procrastination by doing a tiny simple simple basic things and start very easy, One day at a time. You'll be shocked with due time that you have developed a habit without even realizing that..

Here are some examples .. read them to get an overview and choose one.. but you should follow the last two techniques. Use a reminder for that, a piece of paper or a talking parrot .. You might miss a day, but you'll start again :

" Everything has its own place" ...
When you enter your room, by repeating this in your head you'll automatically hang your jacket, put your wallet and keys in its proper place. And in the morning first thing you'll do is prepare your bed sheet when you wake up.

"Just walk"
Take a walk around the block. Or just go jogging for 10 mins, one lap in the park. Or just go to gym , train one muscle ?.

Look into coming concerts or your new coming movie, or seminar, or festival or searching for a course to put you in depth in your field or something else and new....Note the date in your calender...Thus, If you have something to look upto in the future, you'll be more existed thinking about it and working towards it. Better then having a vague dull look into the future.

Hang out with a person who does stuff, who is active and got a routine. Eliminate vampires from your life. You'll be inspired to do things.

"Washing dishes, cleaning your room ? brushing your teeth at night?"
Tell your self, ahh it just takes 2 mins. Put your music on... before its done, you'll be done with your thing. Probably time will pass and you wont recognize you had finished the album because you got caught in the momentum.

Small steps again such as: No drinking liquids while eating food .. Restaurants or fast food ? once a week or a month. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Every meal must have green. Skimmed products.
Most important first step is to throw away your scale, mirrors and tight clothes. Accept your self and enjoy it... with this you can move on and follow the small steps above. you'll be surprised in the long run.

"Congratulate and not criticize"
With these simple things you have done today, reward your self by feeling happy with this extra step you took today. Building a house takes a concrete at a time, and you have put the first concrete.

"Write doing the good things you did today before sleep"
This will help you condition your self to love your self, see the good you do. With this technique you'll end up accelerating in your habits and seeing the good in other people. Because you'll end up loving your self instead of criticizing your self all the time which will help you also love others. You can only give what you have.

William Shed recited to me once :

 "As I sail through change...
My resolve remains the same..
what I chose are manic moments..
Because ships are safe in the harbour..
But that is not what ships are made for..
The mind could strech much further..
But it seems that is not what our minds are trained for"

I replied him :
owww haeeeeelll naaaaww gimmie a cuppa coffee lemme catch d magic moments!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meteor shower

Possible biggest meteor shower in the year. Trails of dust left behind a commet's passage in period 1809 till 1924 will reach our orbit and cause meteor shower.. It will be awesome to witness this. If predictions are right.

NL: Beste om te kijken is kwart voor drie in ochtend 24 mei.

Oman : best time t watch is ... من همه عشان تحصل خبر.
Sources :
Science today Android app

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

برمجة يبالها شوتة روبيرتو كارلوس
أمة مرددة او امة مفكرة ؟ تحفيظ وتلقين او تفكير وبحث؟
خالف تعاقب وتعادى وتلعن وتموت رعب ..او خالف وتعايش وناقش من لزمه الامر وعيش بطمأنينة وثقة.. من دون انفصام
كلنا بشر من آدم, ام نحن ألوان وقبائل وبلادين وجير اوتوماتيك ومذاهب وجير عادي واديان وموديل دجاج رجول

الطفل عالم .. فيزيائي وكيميائي وطيار وأحيائي من الطفولة ان اعطى المجال من اهله والمدرسة التجنيدية في تكسير الغرفة وحرقها وتشويط فيوزات وكسر البيض والقفز من الطابق الثاني

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

From the Desert to Nasa,,

It is wonderful to find an Omani gentleman who made it. A person who hangs out with Sergey Brin co-founder of Google and did work with him. 

NASA which seems as an impossible destination, since they creat the impossibles there... he made it and worked at NASA....

University of East London, one of the top ten universities in UK... He held a position of a senior lecturer..

Patents? above 20 patents he different countries in Europe..

More and more achievements yet he himself has to reveal it more...

What an inspiration Abdullah Al Zakwani..

I wish I could find more about his journey.. Omani and Arab media in general must put more spot light on such people, to awaken the sleep and inspire the ones with ideas and ambition ... I found out about Dr. Abdullah Al Zakwani by coincidence when I was streaming TED videos ! Poor Omani documentaries (if any exist) and media aren't a big assistance in promoting such people. 

However, I salute the people who organized TEDx in Oman ..which started last year in Muscat.. This is a huge step forward...

If you are interested in research and innovation.... and in a succesful person's views and projects ... You'll enjoy his talk on TED 

click here Dr. Abdullah Al Zakwani at TEDxMuscat 2012

Monday, November 25, 2013

GPS Bluetooth - DIY

Have you ever thought of tracking your bicycle route? or wondered how many kilometers you took in jogging ? or you are lost and want to know where you ? you can make your own GPS Bluetooth circuit that is real simple.
People mostly are thrown away by the concept GPS Bluetooth and never thought that they can make their own. Nowadays, Bluetooth transceiver chips and GPS receivers are widely available in the market. You dont need to design it from scratch (unless you got time and curiosity) you simply can do the following :

  • Search for "GPS modules" aside then search for "Bluetooth transciever (or transmitter or a receiver depends on your application) on Farnel, Mouser, Sparkfun..etc
  • Make a table to list each module you found
  • Read about the parameters you found
  • Decide based upon your application, budget and time which module fits best

    Here is an example 

  • Once you power the GPS receiver . It will spit out NMEA data (data that contains data, time, longitude, altitude, sattalites in view..etc) ... you can connect the Bluetooth chip directly to the output of the GPS. This data will be fed into your Bluetooth module and send it wirelessly to the device you paired it with. You can pair it with your phone and download an application that converts this raw GPS data to a readable data. "Bluetooth GPS" designed by GG MOBLAB can be used for Android users. A perfect application that will show u on the map, and how many meters accurate is the data. It can also show you the raw NMEA data, altitude, sats on view, longitude/latitude, speed , data, time and course over ground.

    Make sure you have your GPS receiver in a visible sky  so it can pick the sattalites signal without distruction. GPS receiver will work bad indoor if not at all.

    If you have the urge to configure you Bluetooth module you will need a terminal emulator program. For instance, TeraTerm for computers and BlueTerm for Android mobiles. It will allow you to write your command and send it wirelessly to your Bluetooth module.

    The module will have a catalog that will containt the commands list. You might need to configure your module in cases of wanting it to communicate with just one phone (or a list of certain devices), or go to sleep to save power, or change the Bluetooth module name..etc.
    If you need to save and see the route you took later on, you will need an SD card and a microcontroller. It wont be necessary to spend money then on a bluetooth module. you simply have to program the microcontroller to take the raw gps data (NMEA) and save it in an SD card. Then, display it on any of the free available map applications online (i.e GPS Visualizer).