Thursday, April 14, 2016

Al-Jazari الجزري

Elephant Clock, a leaf from Al-Jazari's 1205 AD manuscript "The book of knowledge of ingeniuos mechanical devices" "الجامع بين العلم والعمل النافع في صناعة الحيل" ..
The seven meter high Elephant Clock featured the use of Greek scientific principles, an Indian
timekeeping bowl floating in a tank filled with water inside the indian/african elephant, an Egyption phoenix, Arab mechanical men, a Persian carpet, Chinese dragons. All of which worked in sync to mark every half-hour of the day as it passed.

Yup, Its not a statue its a 13th century clock invented by Al-Jazari medieval Islamic polymath أَبو العز بن إسماعيل بن الرزاز الجزري

The manuscript describes 50 other machines representing his 25 years of work

Click the following link to watch how Ibn Batuta described the Elephant clock

Its working reproduction is displayed at 1001 inventions Ibn Batuta shopping mall in Dubai, Musée d'Horlogerie du Locle and Château des Monts, in Le LocleSwitzerland.


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