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Living in Enschede

If you are going to live in Enschede (also hangelo , maybe almelo) as a student (perhaps worker), in the following lines you will find tips and websites which can help you during your process in finding a room , apartment , house... or a shared room

ok so ...

Audentis  Direct contact . Living in Enschede or University of Twente Campus.


Student Union Kamersite UT campus , Enschede

Rooms or studios for rent. email : Email daily till you get a reply that you are in the waiting list or go to the building in between 8:30 to 12 to meet the person in charge.
a Furnished Room is 230 euros with private toilet.  9 floor building, every floor has 20 rooms + 1 kitchen shared + door to the roof (maybe locked sometimes)+ shared living room. the 20 rooms i mentioned aren't all rooms , some are studios.. so the studios has has their own kitchen and living room. the cost of studios are different around ~320 euros.
Note : Every year , the rent rises by 5 euros
to wash clothes, it costs 3 euros per wash.

Domijn Housing agency. Studio, Apartment


Kamernet  Mostly rooms , apartments can be available sometimes. Registering Requires a fee.



Direct wonen.

Woonplaats you get flats here, keep on applying (process can tae 6 months but you get a clean unfurnished new flat can reach for 300 euro rent)

Marktplaats fill n enschede in  Plaats of postcode and choose in ''Wat zoekt u?' huizen te huur (house to rent) or kamer te huur (room to rent)

Usually you have to pay an amount (which you'll pick when you move out) as housing insurance to insure non damage. It may be the same amount as the rent or it may be less or more.

Some agencies require you to pay them (in the 1st month) when they find you a place to stay .

Some are furnished , some are not .. 
you can always buy second hand stuffs if you want (i.e Het goed, Kringloop), or go to Ikea or wherever else  yet if you don't have some1 to help you transport furniture then it might be costly to find someone to help you (at the store or independent contractor).. there are stuffs you can handle by your self taking a bus or even with a bicycle. So, I advice you to find a room which is furnished,,,then once u are acquainted with the system,,,,,go get a flat and furnish it,,, it'll be much cheaper or get a house with people you enjoy hanging out with

The rents can be inclusive or exclusive (electricity, gas, water) + internet. Houses here has annual payment for water filterations + garbage... you can set an appointment at Het Juridsch Loket for an advice .. advice about if you can skip paying these bills if you are a student (they give free advise, you can always go ask them for anything concerning living). I don't have much experience with bills because the places I lived in (so far) are inclusive. For internet you can check (for example) KPN for the prices ranges

Check if they have washing machine, fridge , microwave, oven and TV (whatever is important for you). Better if they do have washing machine and a fridge , unless you are renting your own new flat you should take care of buying everything buy yourself.

Fresh air
Its best if the flat or house has a living room, garden , balcony or one of them at least. There you can hang out when u are bored of your room and it helps socialize more with the people you live which is best for everyone in my opinion.

Tenant, Landlord
Read the contract well before u sign it; because its the only thing which will save your rights. and some contractors put rules which may not suit you, so better check carefully.

Best to live in a place which the land lord/tenant isn't living with you... because there are chances they get bossy.

Don't get trapped with signing a annual contract and such , the best which you pay monthly. because anytime you may change your mind and want to move out. Mostly you have to inform them before a month and also if they want you out for whatever reason they should tell you 3 months earlier .

Always keep the original contract with you and an online copy.

After signing your contract go directly to register in the city hall which is located behind the train station. Take you birth certificate , passport, visa.
Why? because. any1 who lives in Netherlands should have an address and be registered in his city hall, If you move to other city you just need to go to the city hall and give them your previous address and burger number (sufi number which will be given to you the 1st time you register)

Best rent ranges from 130 to 300... if you want to pay more its up to u but people can get a room of 20 square meters for 150 , others will rent it for 400 or 350.
You can find flats for 300 euros.
You can also be a tenant of a house and rent the other rooms for other people which will be so called sub-tenants. (i don't know about the $$)

You can always check the address on google and check the destination from city center (centrum) or from your university . If it exceeds 5km then it may be a bit tiring to take the path always but you'll get used to it anyways plus it is good sport. the best which suits me is 3km maximum, the lower the easier maybe lazier sometimes :P.

Email , Call or visit
so always better to clarify those above mentioned tips through a phone call or email , then set an appointment to check the place so u decide... if the person says decide now or you'll lose the room , never take it if u are not fully convinced with the room because it may have Alot of stuffs you will notice later which you don't like. Rooms for rent are plenty , i have funny stories in finding them , mostly was in the last minute.

If you speak dutch even a lil bit , mention it because it'll make it easier for you finding something because some locals would prefer a person who is willing to learn dutch and some does not accept you if you aren't dutch.

It will be more appropriate if you add your phone number in the end of the email.

If emailing does not help, find the agency address and go personally to them.

Please add your experiences and websites in the comments so we can benefit from one another


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