Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Continent - Saul Williams

"Last night I laid within your continent

Sought salvation from frustration
with in your loving nation

found the true meaning of homeland
when you let me inland

Swahili tongue knew I hadn’t been there before
kissed for me to stay awhile

I did you one better and stayed forever, in your country
Then you let me tap your virgin drum

releasing echoes of me being free
being free in you

Free to run through your countryside
touching jasmine, dropping weed

Free to nibble on your Nigerian
Blow on your Botswana

Eat your Opia til there is no more Opia left

Won’t be any leftovers when I’m done

Won’t be anything when I’m done

Just remembrance of that night when I laid within your continent
seeking salvation from frustration within your loving nation

and that’s all we’ll have

That, and a few thousand orphans to read this poem"

by Saul Williams . a very deep erotic poem that you can share with your lady or who ever appreciate poetry.