Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Programming in simple terms

Coding is a mystery for many... even a number of engineers merely got used to coding and yet can't explain how it works for a non-engineer....

a programming code is a language created by humans to interact with a computer.  Instruct it to do what tasks you want. The computer itself works on combinations of 1s and 0s (binarry numbers) meaning on and off switchz. It is basically made of switchz (transistors) that interacts with one another to perform tasks. A human will need to have super powers to instruct all these billions of switchz to get the computer functioning with all the tasks needed. Therefore, a  programming language is created to ease the process.   

"Code Stars" - Short film

There are two types of coding,,,, High level and Low level programming ... The first is
closer to human language.
The second has some of the first and more of combinations of 1s and 0s (closer to the computer language) used for very specific tasks.

Once coding is done,,, the computer will repeat the functions multiple times without the need for th programmer to come and recode it again and again ('repeat' steps are defined by the programmer definetly or indefenitly depends on the need)..
In the following vid is an example of High level programming as Bill 
Gates explains 'if statements routine'   


Webpages, games, and all these icons, phone applications and such you have on your computer are the product of coding... The programmer does his/her job to make it user-friendly... having it as a graphical user interface with few shiny bottuns to use....without making you worry about the coding behind the seen.

(...to be continued ) 
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