Sunday, July 29, 2012

Online Free courses from heavy duty sources
a crazy website now you can get free lessons in different fields from Artificial intelligence to philosophy ! from 16 different universities including Stanford university one of the top university in USA if not the world. You will be taught by award winning teachers, professors , doctors. For example the teacher of Introduction to mathmatical thinking , wrote 35 books, has 80 research papers published, has 5 awards and more! Wow and for free! You get a certificate in many courses once you adequately finish it. All this and you are sitting at your disposal anywhere you want. I signed in for Machine learning , Cryptography, Introduction to mathmatical thinking , Think again; how to reason and argue, control of mobile robots, nanotechnology: the basics, game theory.
 Good luck to you too 

Multimeters basics in few mins

Here is a must know basic knowledge , click on the following 3 links to get an overview. Practice is essential to get handy with it.

How to measure Voltage, Current, Resistance, Short/open.

Multimeter Accuracy, counts, resolution and calibration by the geneous Dave jones

and here is ac voltage detection probe to detect the high voltage existance , can save lives.

Monday, July 2, 2012