Friday, June 3, 2011

After having a short talk with Boumester (my teacher, i think i spelt it wrong :D) he recommended to take a look on RDS and SDR.
SDR software defined radio 
RDS radio data system 
I will lay it briefly to you

replaced the hardware with software which is abvious from its name. through the MEM technology lots of chips became cheaper and available which made it replace alot of analog equipments , in this radio specifically a microchip will replace a
IF amplifier or base band(any frequency from the lowest upto the cut-off frequency)
demodulator (in the receiver part to separate the signal from the carrier)
modulator (in the transmitter part to give the signal a carrier)

it uses lots of digital signal processing (the microchip does the mathematical operations)
In some application there will be after the antenna (in the receiver part) a bandpass filter and amplifier
an amplifier is used to amplify the nanowate and microwat received signals. and it is very know to any engineer or hobbyist that a homemade antenna (say a wire) can receive signals from unknown sources (spurious emissions) therefore the bandpass filter is used to get rid off such signals and pass the wanter bandwidth, without it the amplifier will amplify all the unwanted and wanted signals.

RDS :it is the tool which shows on the digital radio screens the basestation (1oo,  99.9) also can show the time and the name of the song.

I may include further information in the next days because this is all what i know for the moment , and i have to make a decision on which subject i may write a report on the system level.

for now i guess i will go for RDS because of the time constraints. (having exams in two weeks and not prepared at all :S) .



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