Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Digital Ahmed Mohammed Clock

Builds a homemade digital clock at age of 14 out of enthusiasm to show his engineering teacher.... then, gets arrested aaand interrogated,,, as they freaked out and thought it's a bomb..
ok ,,,police can be dummies but what an engineering teacher to not know the difference ,,, probably Brown Ahmed Mohammed was already a paranoia induction tool or maybe am exaggerating :D

I believe being caught (out of ignorance or prejudice or just wrong time/place) is the best thing that happened
to him. It will and has opened a lot of doors to him and hopefully to other makers..

He's invited to the white house.... he's transferring out of his current school (Irvin MacArthur).. Got invited to Megabot Inc. for in-depth engineering assistance ;)

Following vid shows his description about the incident after the arrest. Further, the next video is Megabots support to Ahmed.... great to see an initiative from such creative company

Ahmed speaks      
 MegaBots speaks

Steve Wozniak. Co-Founder of Apple and one of the biggest maker of this century


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