Friday, January 2, 2015

Are kids luckier ?

Wow ! Kids have animations made specifically to attract them into coding and formulating electronic projects. Raspberry Pi is fricking cool , Here is the video

(Some browsers doesn't display the video attached. You can just click here or type in "Raspberry Pi Lets get physical") 

First you get to learn how to use a Linux based operating system that might inspire you to build an operating system by yourslef or with friends... kick Windows out of the way..or at least, you'll know  there are other
existing operating systems than Windows and MAC. And, that Android mobile operating system is based on Linux kernel.
Raspberry Pi includes tons of programs that can get kids into coding with an easy start up. And, it is as cheap as 25$

I became completly aware that coding is a science and a profession when I was 19 years young. The only thing I encountered earlier was editing my posts in forums using HTML (no it wasnt html!). And, maximally, at age of 13 years young, was Web design via the obsolete Microsoft FrontPage (discontinued since 2003). Of which I failed to encourage my self out of procrastination to work with it.

Although, I owned consoles varying from Family game, Sega , GameBoy, Playstation 1 and 2 .. I played Atari for a while too.. I never had it in my consciousness that actual game geeks as I was, are the ones who designed the concole's electronic circuit, and designed these games. They worked concepts with teams, sketched, developed stories, marketed and became millionaires out of it. I never imagined it is possible or it exists, till I found out that some colleges gives bachelor in gaming. And, there are artisits who sketch merely for gaming. But the first turning point for me, was when I met a gentleman who played SuperMario, then he tried to code a game due to overwhelming inspiration he got of that game. And he was just 9 years old in 1990!

Family Game 

I ended up reducing gaming at early age to be a (good) person, (good) student (This idea is what society sold me). And later on, In particular, I guess I completely stopped gaming just so to be the cool boy and not be laughed at and categorized as the gamer nerd who is all the time at home gaming! or maybe it was because of puberty (exploring new things; since I couldn't see the depth behind gaming).. or neither. @@


I happened to use Google search engine when I was 18 years young. After slight  use of yahoo and more onto searching magazines for new trends websites..
It all came late, its not that I have seen PC late :D.. But wait a minute.... Actually it is Late.. Why?.. I recently worked with a gentleman who has been programming since 1970 (speaking of punched cards!!, slide-rule calculators and Apolo 11)... Yes!!, people used to program back then and earlier, ..Otherwise how has projects been carried to space? right? ( In 1970 ...Bill gates was about 15 years young, Steve Jobs was 16, Richard Feynman was  62 and Steve Wozniak was 20 years young)
On a side note to my Omani fellows who might be feeling down already. As so you already know, year 1970 was the start of Omani renaissance era which we are witnessing its progress to this day. If it came later probably we wouldn't be reading/writing these paragraphs at the moment and all our concern will be on how to stop our hunger, diseases and wars :D

 Punched cards

I owned a computer for the first time at age of 9 years old in 1998... Thanks to my Dad's vision who got me a Win 95 / Pentium ||| PC and enrolled me to a typing and internet summer courses. ..... At the time, there was no Youtube to visualize my science classes or see history movies (I loved history). There was no Youtube to visualize the three Laws of Motion by Isaac Newton or get accessibility to dozens of cool videos that makes math fun. I didn't have Cosmos by Dr. Niel Degrasse Tyson which summarizes modern science in the coolest visual and animated way possible. I was merely busy learning how to type, use Microsoft Word ...and when I was done.. I thought I am a computer guru. haha :D my my my !!

People tend to limit life by saying, If you are good in math .. you can be an engineer. Watch the animation I posted, That is engineering.  It is fun ,.. being a child ,.. being curious ,..being mischievous..Despite your age and your math proficiency

I highly recommend you to get the collection of Cosmos and get a Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Get it for yourself or gift it to a kid. A number of them might ,as well, might end up inventing a revolutionary product .. or tweak their connection with the universe...or might not :D

To clarify , kids are who ever is below 88 :D


  1. Awesome post! People look at game development as something really cool (which it is) but often times they don't realize the amount of work and sweat that goes in it which is in same proportions as its appeal.
    Cheers ;)

    1. Thanks a bunch. You are definetely right.
      Keep up the good work

  2. Enjoyed your story bro! We almost had same childhood!

    1. Thanks Saeid. That's our middleastern generation story.