Wednesday, November 27, 2013

From the Desert to Nasa,,

It is wonderful to find an Omani gentleman who made it. A person who hangs out with Sergey Brin co-founder of Google and did work with him. 

NASA which seems as an impossible destination, since they creat the impossibles there... he made it and worked at NASA....

University of East London, one of the top ten universities in UK... He held a position of a
senior lecturer..

Patents? above 20 patents he different countries in Europe..

More and more achievements yet he himself has to reveal it more...

What an inspiration Abdullah Al Zakwani..

I wish I could find more about his journey.. Omani and Arab media in general must put more spot light on such people, to awaken the sleep and inspire the ones with ideas and ambition ... I found out about Dr. Abdullah Al Zakwani by coincidence when I was streaming TED videos ! Poor Omani documentaries (if any exist) and media aren't a big assistance in promoting such people. 

However, I salute the people who organized TEDx in Oman ..which started last year in Muscat.. This is a huge step forward...

If you are interested in research and innovation.... and in a succesful person's views and projects ... You'll enjoy his talk on TED 

click here Dr. Abdullah Al Zakwani at TEDxMuscat 2012


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