Wednesday, April 20, 2011

is it something you practice when you are over weight and cant stand the idea of being over weight anymore ? or is it something you do to socialize with others? or is it something you do to prove you can do something? i.e as if you are good in football you will always stick to it because you are good at it and rarely try other sports, how do you consider sport ?
I consider it as a tool to overcome my lower desires, desires like being at ease and doing nothing but relaxing whether in the park under the sun or on the coach in front of my favorite show. surely relaxation is a necessaty but when it dominates everything else in ones life it creates a comfort zone that does not make a person productive and an explorer
I consider it as a test to show me what thoughts pops in my mind when am at stress, exhaust cant do it anymore in other words when i'm at the my limits.
i use it as a tool to increase in me the new habit of focus, disciplinary, speed
a muscle does not grow till you try to pick the weight u cant pick anymore when ur mind fully tells u , you cant do it , take rest
a professional ..........
to step out of my body to be an observer of my worries my own thoughts and not be restricted by it rather be the coach to run the extra mile. remember in the extra mile there wont be so much traffic
wise man once said he who conquered himself is a far greater hero than he who has defeated a thousand times a thousand men
to be continued , off to sleep


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